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Located in the Washington DC region, Hard Money Lender, LLC was established to provide private investment and lending solutions to the real estate industry. We will consider different types of loans based on the applicant's individual circumstances. We do not provide one-size-fits-all solutions. Our staff are well-trained professionals that will customize a solution based on your lending needs.

Equally skilled with large and small transactions, our company features a combination of attention to detail and highly customized personal service with an unrivaled business network.

Our Founders

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Steve Ross

Mr. Ross has been a top real estate professional in the Washington, DC metro area for over 30 years & has been responsible for originating, funding & managing over $300,000,000 in real estate transactions. A 1989 graduate from Virginia Tech, Steve’s extensive resume includes licensed Realtor, new home sales manager, mortgage banker, construction lender and portfolio manager. Having been involved in nearly every type of real estate transaction, his experience, resourcefulness and contacts have assisted borrowers in hundreds of projects.  Mr. Ross lives in Clifton, Virginia with his wife and three children.

Joe Benucci's Profile Picture

Joe Benucci

Joe Benucci, a graduate of Old Dominion University, has over 25 years of lending experience and generates in excess of $40 Million of private capital on an annual basis. Joe has a deep understanding of finding the right loan solution for borrowers and takes pride in helping his clients achieve their goals. He understands the value of securing long term business relationships as the key driver to successful and profitable outcomes.

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