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Condo Conversion Loans

Condominium conversion is the process of converting multi-unit homes and rental apartments, which are leased by occupants, into condominium units, which are owned by the occupants. Condominium conversions can take place in any building where tenants live in separate units, including apartment buildings and cooperative building that have tenant shareholders.

Who We Help

Hard Money Lender, LLC provides loans to developers who are converting condominium structures.

Our condominium conversion loans provide borrowers with fast flexible financing options. Hard Money Lender, LLC will consider condo conversion loans that exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Strength and experience of sponsor
  • Capital structure
  • Entitlements including permitting
  • Feasibility of project including competitive environment

Developers should contact us to secure the funding that they need. We specialize and have helped many clients navigate the challenges that come with securing condo conversion loans.


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