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Loan Process

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Loan Process

Our Hard Money Loan Process is Fast and Easy
Our loan approval process is fast and easy, and we will help you every step of the way: through the loan process, at the closing table, and to the day you sell or refinance your property and start your next project.

Loan Application
Please use our loan application which you can access HERE. Once completed, your application will be reviewed by our team and you will be told what loan terms can be offered for your situation. If appropriate, we will issue a Letter of Intent and/or Loan Commitment based upon the facts of your application. If not appropriate you will be told that immediately.

Project Assessment
After getting more details about the property, your history, and your available equity, we will assess the deal. We will then send you a term sheet with our proposed loan amount, rate and terms.

Term Sheet and Loan Deposit
After you sign and return the term sheet with a small deposit, we will order an appraisal for the property.

Supporting Documents
Depending on your project and profile, we will ask you to submit some supporting documents:

  • Copy of Sales Contract and any deposit check(s)
  • Copy of Driver’s License
  • Detailed list of proposed repairs and draw schedules, including material and labor costs and copies of any contractor estimates or contracts
  • Copies of any appraisals or inspection reports; * If you are an entity borrower, you will need to provide copies of all your corporate documentation
  • Addresses of any cross-collateral property, if any.
  • Upon preliminary approval, you will be asked to pay for any 3rd party costs including; property valuations, credit reports, inspections, etc. The amount of this fee will be disclosed to you ahead of time

Draw Schedule
We will work with you to create a draw schedule, which determines when you will receive the draws or loan installments during the construction process.

Loan Closing and Disbursement
We will help you choose a settlement company and get all necessary documents to closing. At closing, you will receive your first payment which you will use to buy or refinance your property and get started on your renovations.

At the designated milestones, we will inspect the property and you will receive your payments so you can continue and complete construction.

Sell or Refinance
Within the pre-determined loan term, you must sell or refinance the property to make sure the lender receives a full payoff of the loan. If everything was done correctly you should be walking away with a big payday. Then repeat the process on your next deal!

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